Grafana Dashboard

A ready-to-use dashboard for Kyverno metrics.

Grafana Dashboard


With Helm Chart

  • If your Grafana is configured with the discovery sidecar, set grafana.enabled value to true.
  • If you’re using Grafana Operator, set grafana.enabled to true and grafana.grafanaDashboard.enabled value to true.

See more configuration options here.

Without Helm Chart

  • Download the dashboard’s JSON and save it in kyverno-dashboard.json
1curl -fsS -o kyverno-dashboard.json
  • Open your Grafana portal and go to the option of importing a dashboard.

  • Go to the “Upload JSON file” button, select the kyverno-dashboard.json which you got in the first step and click on Import.

  • Configure the fields according to your preferences and click on Import.

  • And your dashboard will be ready in front of you.

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