Testing ValidatingAdmissionPolicies

Testing Kubernetes ValidatingAdmissionPolicies using Kyverno CLI.

Kubernetes ValidatingAdmissionPolicy (VAP) was first introduced in 1.26, and it’s not fully enabled by default as of Kubernetes versions up to and including 1.28. It provides a declarative, in-process option for validating admission webhooks and uses the Common Expression Language (CEL) to perform resource validation checks directly in the API server. The Kyverno Command Line Interface (CLI) enables the validation and testing of ValidatingAdmissionPolicies on resources before adding them to a cluster. It can be integrated into CI/CD pipelines to help with the resource authoring process, ensuring that they adhere to the required standards before deployment.

Check the below sections for more information:

  1. Apply ValidatingAdmissionPolicies to resources using kyverno apply.
  2. Test ValidatingAdmissionPolicies aganist resources using kyverno test
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